Friday, April 26, 2013

Bitty Blossoms Step by Step Tutorial

Good morning everyone.  Today I have a tutorial using the Spellbinders Bitty Blossom dies.  When I first got these dies I was very intimidated by them.  I thought they were going to be hard to use.  

I decided to ask my good friend Eva Dobilas for some advice on how to make these actually look like a real flower.  The advice that Eva gave me really helped me get over my fear and now these dies are some of my favorites to use.  For the projects that I've done so far, I prefer the mid-sized flower.

I store my Spellbinders dies in cd cases

Here is the die along with the diecut piece

Step 1:  I place the diecut on a stamping mat (a mouse pad would work the same) and using a stylus I begin to push down the edges of each petal of the flower.

 As you go around the diecut the paper will begin to spiral around

 You can see the paper curling up as I reach the final petal

Step 2:  I use a quilling tool to roll the flower.  The quilling tool tip has a slit in it which is where you slide the first flower petal.  You could just use your fingers if you don't have a quilling tool.  I just find it easier with the quilling tool because the slit holds the paper firmer as you begin to roll the paper.

 Continue rolling the flower till you get to the center

 Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

This is what the flower will look like once it is completely rolled.  If you like a tight flower it can stay like this.

If you would like a fuller, looser flower - set the flower down and let it uncoil on its own.

Step 3:  Another tip that Eva gave me was to use a hot glue gun.  It dries instantly so you won't have to hold the flower until the glue dries.  It also prevents the flower from uncoiling too much.

Step 4:  Using the quilling tool you will now begin to curl the flower petals

Curl as many of the petals as you like.  The quilling tool is great for this because of the slit in the tip.  Place the flower petal into the slit and roll the petal however you prefer.

This is the finished flower.  I usually add some glitter or ink to the edges of the completed flower to give it more of a finished look.

Here are a few projects that I have recently made using the Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms

This post can be seen here:

This post can be seen here:

I hope these step by step instructions are helpful to you.  A special thanks to Eva Dobilas for all of her great tips for using Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms.  Don't be intimidated by the Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms die.  This die set makes some life-like flowers which will make all of your projects beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Have a great day!!


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful cards!Thanks for sharing...

Marge said...

This is one of my FAV dies (of course, I have MANY), Angela, and your tutorial is fabulous. Wanted to visit when I saw you'd posted, but had been sooo busy recently -- Hee!!!
Your cards with Bitty Blossoms are AWESOME!

Ann said...

I have had this die for over a year and am just now getting to put it to use. I watched this video just to find out about the glueing process. You are right it does work great with the quilling tool.